Sanremo 2023: the Italian music festival of records

Sanremo 2023: the Italian music festival of records

For music fans, the annual Italian music festival of Sanremo is one of the most anticipated events of each year. From its inception in 1951 to now, the festival has seen a variety of exciting new acts and international stars who have graced its stages. This year, Sanremo celebrated its 73th anniversary with an extra special edition. As the biggest music festival in Italy, this event offers something for everyone, from older classics (relived thanks to guest stars) to brand new hits (brought by the singers). Get ready to experience the best of Italian music as we explore all that Sanremo 2023 has to offer.

The total amount of tv viewers

There are a lot of tv viewers who tune in to watch the Sanremo music festival every year. The festival is one of the most popular tv events in Italy and it attracts a huge audience. This year, the festival was watched by an estimated 16 million viewers in the final evening. That’s a lot of people!

The kermesse

Every year in early February, the town of Sanremo on the Italian Riviera hosts a large music festival. The event is the most popular and important tv musical event in Italy and attracts visitors from all over the world and millions of live tv viewers

The festival was first held in 1951 and has been held annually since then. It is usually held over five days, with each day featuring a different musical genre. The event was hosted by the Italian Amadeus and co-hosted by the singer Gianni Morandi and one different woman each day, representing the world of sports, entrepreneurship, entertainment and others.

Past performers have included Andrea Bocelli, Elton John, Sting, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Duran Duran, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, and many more.
This year were special guests the band Black Eyed Peas and Depeche Mode.

The winner Marco Mengoni

Italian singer and songwriter Marco Mengoni was the big winner at this year’s Sanremo music festival, taking home the top prize of the night. Marco Mengoni will represent Italy at the next Eurovision Song Contest and will hold a performance in Liverpool for this occasion.

Mengoni’s winning song, “Due Vite”, is a beautiful pop ballade with a powerful message about living life to the fullest and cherishing every moment. It’s no wonder that it resonated so strongly with viewers and voters alike.

This was a historic win for Mengoni, who already got first in 2013 (ten years ago).

With his latest victory, Marco Mengoni cements his place as one of Italy’s most successful and beloved musicians. Congratulations, Marco!

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